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Kathy Chapell is the wife of Dr. Bryan Chapell, mother to four grown and married children, grandmother to six (currently). She has taught preschool music, high school music, private flute and piano lessons, and directed church choirs. She has been a pastor’s wife, professor’s wife, and seminary president’s wife. Kathy is an accomplished musician, seminar speaker, loves to do jigsaw puzzles, and is an avid mystery book reader. Bryan and Kathy live in Atlanta, Georgia.

By kathy chapell

The great iowa road trip

Kathleen Gabriel Chapell has worn many hats in ministry. She has been pastor’s wife, seminary president’s wife, and music director. She is a wife, mother, and adoring grandmother. She is an accomplished musician, a soccer mom, a soprano in the church choir, and an avid mystery book reader.

But in these four days of a hot Midwest July, Kathy was simply a daughter, driving her aged mother to a family reunion in far northwest Iowa. This book is the story of that trip—the saga of many miles traveled, and countless road signs read aloud. This is the chronicle of frustration and laughter, of history learned and new understanding gained. Woven into the tale of the road trip and all it entailed, is the story of God’s faithfulness from generation to generation in this family of believers. With candor and humility, Kathy relates—and confesses—her own growth and discovery, as she felt the Lord taking her from grumbling to gratitude, from grit to grace. In the end, she realized that this journey she thought she was
taking for old times’ sake, was actually a journey of timeless lessons and value.

Available for purchase online through Amazon and the PCA Bookstore and in person at the Perimeter Church Bookstore.

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